Handcrafted jewellery will give a piece the originality that will make people notice and comment. It gives the wearer a more personal feel about the jewellery knowing that jewellery has been handcrafted for them.

Having a piece of handcrafted or handmade jewellery is not necessarily a more expensive option: a piece can be designed and created to suit your budget rather than you having to find a mass produced piece that might not tick all your boxes. The other advantage is that existing jewellery or broken jewellery it can be restored or remodelled into something that you will wear. In a time of mass production, we have to find ways to create individuality and having your jewellery handcrafted can give you special touch or look that we all want.

Having been trained over 30 years ago in handcrafted jewellery it has given me an opportunity to create unique pieces of jewellery for my clients rather than just offering up a piece that is in stock. This is truly what the term Jeweller means, not someone selling jewellery in a shop, the jeweller is the person who handcrafts the piece of jewellery. By having this skill it can offer the client a whole new world of jewellery, of personalising the jewellery to the client’s style or needs.

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